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Since the pandemic began, businesses have put into place new and extensive measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. There has been a great deal of anxiety amongst some of the businesses who are contacting us regularly, especially within the commercial, hospitality and retail sectors.

Our services are designed to give peace of mind to our customers and also, first and foremost to keep people safe. Here are just a few of the ways we’re working to support businesses across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during the pandemic.

New Cleaning Products

As always, ICS Cleaning is committed to providing the very best cleaning products for our clients, old and new, who now require a proven method of eliminating COVID-19. Whilst sticking to our ethics of using the eco-friendliest chemicals on the market we have been able to consistently provide new and effective anti-microbial and antibacterial sanitising products.

Identifying Problem Areas

We continually work to ensure the spaces our clients operate from are thoroughly and deep cleaned. We are paying extra attention to harder to reach areas such as high-level surfaces to ensure they are consistently cleaned, using new techniques to sanitise every surface from top-to-bottom.

PPE and New Methods

Our cleaning teams are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment including gloves and masks to ensure your space is COVID-19 free and everyone is protected. In the event that a member of your staff or our cleaning team develop COVID-19 symptoms, we will work with you to ensure everyone stays safe.

We also continue to conduct regular meetings between our management and cleaning teams to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with all the current and potential government guidelines.

 If you require more information regarding our Deep Cleaning Services and COVID-19 related resources please get in touch by calling us on 01482 226 570 or fill out our web form (here) and select the appropriate service or product you are interested in.