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School Cleaning Services


We provide school cleaning services for all academic organisations, from nursery schools to colleges and universities.

– ICS Cleaning

Our main objective is to give you a safe and healthy learning atmosphere, motivating students to feel proud of their surroundings, and leading to improved attendance. At ICS we recognise the difficulties that heads of schools, principals, and business managers have when keeping up with the upkeep of their grounds. We present an accessible, reasonable, and individualised school cleaning program tailored to meet the demands of your organisation.


Why Choose ICS Cleaning?

Above all, high-grade performance and frequent communication are vital aspects of our service. Our site supervisors and contracts manager meet with you regularly, and quality checks are completed on a monthly basis. Furthermore, a feedback diary is held at the establishment to convey personnel comments to the supervisor instantly, and a dedicated helpline is available. Our school cleaning service encompasses everything from daily cleaning to in-depth or specialist deep cleaning, plus additional caretaking and maintenance jobs.

 Comprehensive school cleaning services from trusted professionals

Enjoy a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment for students

 Wide range of services including deep cleans, floor maintenance, and graffiti removal

 Recommended by schools nationwide for high-quality results

We guarantee our customers a comprehensive range of services tailored to their specific needs, with no detail left unnoticed.

We provide high-quality and ecologically sustainable solutions such as the newest microfiber technology, clear water mopping systems, chemical dilution, and eco H2O technology, as well as individualised approaches for each of our contracts.
Moreover, you can always rely on the friendliness and dependability of our staff – rest assured, with our assistance, your business will remain clean and safe.

"The University of Lincoln have worked in close partnership with ICS for at least 15 years. We have always found the workforce has adapted to the growth of the University over the years. They adapt to our needs and always strive to provide an excellent standard of service and clean."

ManagerUniversity of Lincoln

"We are extremely pleased with the cleaning service provided by ICS over the last two and a half years. The standard of cleaning is very high, the staff are friendly and polite, and no job is too much. I would absolutely recommend your services."

DesBusiness Manager, Norton College

"When we selected ICS as our cleaning partner, Appleton Academy was confident that it was making the right choice; we are delighted to say that we still feel that same confidence today."

JaquelineDirector, Appleton Academy
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's most reliable cleaning partner
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Transferring your school cleaning services to a contract cleaning specialist provides a variety of highly beneficial services. By making the switch, you will benefit from:

  • Expertise and experience from a specialised school cleaning services provider
  • Flexible and comprehensive cleaning service tailored to your specific needs
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in all cleaning matters


ICS Cleaning: Our School Cleaning Service

Our goal is to provide a cost-effective and comprehensive cleaning operation that meets and exceeds customer expectations. For example, our team of experienced professionals can provide advice to headteachers, business managers, and governors on the frequency and standards of cleanliness, as well as develop organised cleaning methods and work schedules tailored to the individual needs of each school. Additionally, we strive to keep up with the latest cleaning technologies and methods to provide a unique and innovative service. Lastly, we can offer technical advice on floor treatments and other specialist cleanings that usually fall outside of the daily cleaning regime.

  • Professional Cleaning Services for Schools
  • Keep Your School Spotless with Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions
  • Latest Cleaning Technology and Innovative Methods
  • A Safe and Hygienic Environment for Students, Staff, and Visitors

School Cleaning Staffing Requirements

We will handle all of the following staffing requirements on your behalf:

  • Recruitment of all cleaning personnel by interview followed by vetting and enhanced DBS checks.
  • Comprehensive Induction training programme for all staff.
  • Provision of temporary supply staff.
  • Coordinate and implement all training initiatives.
  • Supply comprehensive personnel, welfare and payroll support to all staff.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to become D32 trainers and assessors.
  • A proactive NVQ programme is available to all staff.
  • Sickness programmes will be operated.
  • Bespoke cleaning specification that meets the requirements of each building/client.
  • Cleaning materials and cleaning procedures.
  • Purchase appropriate cleaning materials for specific tasks.
  • Liaise with the safety officer on the proposed introduction of any products, ensuring adherence to COSHH regulations 1994.
  • Issue guidance to cleaning staff on the correct usage/storage of all cleaning products.
  • Train cleaning staff in standard cleaning procedures.
  • Ensure stock levels of cleaning materials are adequate for cleaning service.
  • Purchase and repair of cleaning equipment.
  • Undertake costing exercise and negotiate the best purchase price, achieving discounts through economy of scale.
  • Organise and maintain a repair contract, and provide temporary replacement equipment.


Health and Safety

  • All Health and Safety legislation is complied with.
  • Carry out all risk assessments, including COSHH.
  • All accident and incident reporting is completed and reported.
  • Organise attendance of supervisory cleaner at half-day training courses covering aspects of Health and Safety.

In addition, we will work in partnership with you to agree on a full mobilisation plan before starting to deliver the contract. In our opinion, communication is key to the success of all of our contracts.

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