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Lisa Elm Regional Manager – Hull/East Riding

“Toothpaste will erase pen stains from wood and coffee stains out of cups or wooden surfaces. A tablespoon of white vinegar in a gallon of water and a microfibre cloth (not hand towels they streak) will clean and sparkle all glass.”


Tracey Gibson Wood Regional Manager – West Yorkshire

“Steradent will clean a stained toilet bowl. Just pop one down the toilet leave it for 30 minutes and ‘bingo bango’ no more stains!”


Chris Turner Managing Director

“Clean your microwave with naturally with a cup of water – If your microwave is looking a bit dirty after one too many food explosions don’t panic, it can be cleaned for free in just a jiffy. Just pop a heatproof cup of water with half a lemon in the microwave on a high setting for 1 to 2 minutes. Leave it in the microwave with the door closed for a further 5 minutes for the steam to do its magic. Then it will be easy to wipe the stains away and the lemon will leave your microwave smelling clean and fresh.”

“Use baby oil to remove fingerprints and marks from stainless steel – Baby oil is a whiz at lifting grease too, if your cooker hood or other kitchen appliances are grubby with finger marks or grease, pop a small amount of baby oil on to a clean microfibre cloth and simply give them a wipe.” 

“Clean white trainers with toothpaste too – Trainers not looking as new after a few muddy walks? Don’t worry scuffed white sports shoes can be brought back to life by scrubbing with toothpaste, use an old toothbrush if you have one. The slightly minty smell is a bonus.”

“Clean limescale from your shower head using vinegar – If you’re looking for a more natural (not to mention thrifty) way to clean your home from top to bottom Vinegar is your new best friend. Soak your shower head in a mixture of boiling water and vinegar to unclog any limescale easily.”


Jenny Shorter – Shining Star Winner 2018

“If you get hairspray on the mirror, use a generous amount of alcohol hand gel sanitiser with a dry cloth.”

“Put a heatproof cup of water with half a lemon and its juice in the microwave on a high setting for two minutes, leave for 5 minutes then wipe the inside of the microwave with a cloth.”

“To make the toilet sparkle, pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and leave overnight, give it a quick scrub with a toilet brush and then flush the next morning.”


Karen Tagg Regional Manager – Lincolnshire

“If you spill curry and your carpets – whitening toothpaste removes it!”


Tracey Wood – Operations Director

“You can remove diesel spills from surfaces with a solution of vinegar and water.”


Michelle Ottley – Marketing Manager

“You can use white vinegar to clean between synthetic or ceramic tiles. Spray the stained grout with the vinegar, scrub then rinse away to reveal clean white grout.”

“If you soak a cloth in lemon juice and wrap around the tap or shower head, it will remove limescale.”

“Fill your kettle with a mix up of half water half white vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning the limescale will come off easily. Rinse thoroughly to remove any vinegary odours.”

“Use a tennis ball to clean marks on walls and lemon juice to remove sweat stains from clothing.”