Norton College

A secondary school and sixth form that is well regarded by students, parents, and the governing body approached ICS Cleaning to create a customised School Cleaning Service package. ICS Cleaning is a provider of a variety of accredited cleaning services developed specifically for the educational sector.

An Introduction to Norton College

Children flourish intellectually and socially at Norton College, which is a thriving and welcoming environment. The teaching staff concentrate on helping students become well-rounded, compassionate, and qualified individuals who are prepared for the dynamic modern world. Norton has a distinguished academic history and an outstanding care programme.

The faculty and staff of Norton College take pleasure in fostering an environment with high standards and a "family atmosphere" where students are recognised and valued as unique individuals.

“"The standard of cleaning is very high, and the staff are friendly and polite".”

We were tasked with continuing the excellent work done over the previous 15 years across the three main campuses, as well as strengthening the client’s close partnership by providing a flexible and adaptable cleaning service in the future.


It was immediately apparent that cleaning standards needed to be raised and employee morale needed to be raised. To come up with a different approach, ICS collaborated closely with the customer, suppliers, and cleaning staff.


The college now has a considerably improved appearance, and every staff member is much happier in their job. The pupils can now relax and have fun in settings that match the standard for care and education that Norton College provides.

Norton College School Cleaning Case Study